Mindful Practice

An exploration of your brain and yoga


Past Dates:
Sept 14 @ shefayoga, Seattle
March 1 @ shefayoga, Seattle
April 9  @ Urban Yoga Spa, Seattle


Recent neuroscience research is revealing more and more about how our brains work.

Can neural pathways change? What does the amygdala do? We will learn how the brain

interacts with our physical body, our movement and breath, and our awareness. Each

brain concept is relevant to yoga too, giving us tools for a more mindful practice. After

learning, discussing and journaling (if you’re into that) we will put mindfulness into practice on the mat. The experience ends with a vinyasa practice incorporating the concepts of brain

science with asana.

~2.5 hours


Brain basics (brain v. mind, neuroscientific research etc.)

Brain + Body (body maps, proprioception, body language etc.)

Brain + Breath (pranayama and the central nervous system)

Brain + Intention (neuroplacticity, neural pathways)


A guided asana class to put what we learned into practice

Students receive:

Lecture + guided yoga class

Knowledge packet

Resources/Inspirations list

Journaling prompts


Studios interested in hosting Mindful Practice, please use the Connect page or e-mail

Yoga Life Narrative


 We all bring a unique life story to our yoga mat. There, our stories meet the equally unique narrative of each posture and practice. This workshop asks: how can you use yoga to explore the narrative of your own life?

It is all about building and exploring the narratives around our yoga practice. Creative writers will go past writers block; reflective journalers will be prompted in new ways; and even absolute non-writers will be inspired by the exercises that link yoga and narration. We will also learn some of the stories associated with physical asanas and move through a vinyasa flow themed around narration.

Some stories are written, but other are felt or physically expressed – we will explore them all. Ask yourself: what is your life story? Then become the author of your own life.

Workshop includes:
– Physical asana practice
– Guided meditation
– A yoga journal
– Journaling/creative writing/reflection prompts
– Group forum

Sept 24 @ Urban Yoga Spa
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Bottoms Up: Yoga + Wine

Cheers and Namaste! Vinyasa practice followed by a local wine tasting

July 18, 7:30-9p


Intro to Vinyasa Yoga


@ shefayoga, Seattle

Whether you are an experienced yogi or brand new to yoga, taking the time to be a beginner can have a profound impact on your practice. Allow yourself the immense freedom of having a beginner’s mind.

Through a step-by-step approach you will learn fundamental yoga poses with focus on proper alignment. We will teach each posture in basic Sun Salutations (the basis of Power Vinyasa flow classes), explain the relationship of yoga breathing while in the flow of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutes) and provide modifications to help customize the practice for your needs.

This workshop will cover: • sun salutations and yogic breathing • standing poses and forward bending • inversion preps and down dog fundamentals. This is a great opportunity to grab that friend or family member that you’ve been urging to try yoga and come along with them!
New students receive a FREE week of yoga with workshop
Current students get workshop free when you bring a guest!