The Portland Podcast Interviewed Me About Yoga, Writing and Art

I left teaching yoga full time in Seattle to work as an Arts & Culture editor at Portland’s alt-weekly, Willamette Week. The change was drastic, to say the very least. It took me almost a year to reach the point where I felt I could teach again—teaching takes a ton of energy and all mine was going to the newspaper or my own practice whenever I could manage it.

But teaching has my heart and soul. It was only a matter of time before I went back to it.

Two years later, as I prepared to make another huge life change, The Portland Podcast interviewed me about yoga and being an arts editor.

I met with Podcast creator Greg and his crew after teaching one of my last classes at The Grinning Yogi on Division Street. I was preparing to move across the country, this time to be with the person I love. As we talked about yoga, changes in Portland and teaching in different cities, it’s obvious: this yoga thing will always be in my life.

Listen Here:


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Here’s to finding our yoga, wherever we are.