Yogis Feeling Themselves: scientific studies on yoga + self-perception

Nerding out on yoga + brain science thanks to a new article from the Neuro Lab at Harvard on self-regulation.

Turns out science is catching up to 5,000+ year old yogi beliefs.


The long and short of it? Yoga makes you stress less…surprise!

The short: Practicing yoga boosts the brain’s ability to make sense of all that overwhelming input.

Here is the long version:
“Yoga practice is a comprehensive skillset of synergistic process tools that facilitate bidirectional feedback and integration between high- and low-level brain networks, and afferent and re-afferent input from interoceptive processes (somatosensory, viscerosensory, chemosensory).

The processes that sub-serve self-regulation become more automatized and efficient over time and practice, requiring less effort to initiate when necessary and terminate more rapidly when no longer needed.

To support our proposed model, we present the available evidence for yoga affecting self-regulatory pathways, integrating existing constructs from behavior theory and cognitive neuroscience with emerging yoga and meditation research.”

But, of course there is so much more – nerd out at your own discretion: Potential self-regulatory mechanisms of yoga for psychological health

And also, this study of Ashtanga yogis’ impressive self-perception is worth a glance.