60m Playlist: The Yoga Puzzle

Yoga teachers notoriously advise: “set an intention.”


But what shows up on the mat with us is often a heap of little thoughts from outside the studio that swirl around, resisting organisation. At least 1/3 of the practice (mind, body, breath) is harnessing these pieces of intention-material into a cohesive whole.

Sometimes we have a 2-years-and-up puzzle, easily formed, and sometimes it’s a 5,000-piece mind-bending impossibility. More pieces appear along the way, in between trikonasana and koundinyasana, or disappear, moving toward clarity.

So, this week’s class theme: refining an intention is like piecing together a puzzle. Patience, focus, and fun over frustration

Yoga Puzzle

A momentum-inspiring playlist meant to keep the new year going strong.