I’ll admit I’ve been highly skeptical about the yoga selfie trend that’s even grown big enough to warrant a piece in the NYTimes. The practice seemed to counter yoga’s real purpose, not to mention providing an excuse for too many scandily-clad self-portraits. But I decided to give the selfie shenanigans a shot before becoming an outspoken critic, and in the process I’ve disproven my own skepticism.


Yes, there are obnoxiously stereotypical and image-focused yoga snapshots. But these thousands of ‘gramming yogis provide something else too. In browsing, there’s inspiration for exploring new poses and ideas; in sharing, there’s a sense of community (however cyber); and in the end, it’s all just another way to explore the practice of yoga.

So here goes: I began with an independent challenge for myself to try a new asana every day, a way to keep that beginners mind in my practice and teaching. In my exploration for inspiration I ended up joining in on two daily yoga challenge/inspiration instagram groups.

 > @yogi_ers <



@kathrynbudig @amyippoliti @tjhark @laurasykora @yogabeyond

A prompt a day + affirmation/inspiration





@thetattooedyogi @jojoyoga @robinmartinyoga @bloominglotusjewelry @kiragraceyoga @amyelandry

A recurring monthly hashtag. One pose a day; make it your own


Feel free to join me at your whim and desire. Together, inspire?



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