Design: “Brainstand”

I created “Brainstand” in the style of “Flight,” my yoga + planes collection, as an inspired look at different aspects of yoga and the mind.



As a neurology nerd, I am enthralled by the brain and its complex functions. From mental body maps to the amygdala’s fight-or-flight response to neuroplacticity (yes, you can change your brain)–the brain is incessantly and complexly running life from behind the curtain like The Great and Powerful Oz, but with less green smoke.

Here is a brain-meets-life interaction: you see/hear/feel a stimulus and the sensory cortex sends cues to your mind’s memory centers, the hippocampus and amygdala. The result might be a fight or flight response (ie. headstand turns you upside-down and you freak out a little).

And brain versus mind?

Yogis may meditate and literally head stand, but many of us spend our days ensnared in our heads as well. With busy schedules, FOMO (fear of missing out), multitasking and screen addictions, it’s easy to be so caught up in a mental whirr that the grounding physical aspects of life become wallpaper. How often are you fiercely aware of your body and environment, versus how often you’re caught up in judging traffic, to-do lists and those 5 e-mails that just gave your iPhone a seizure?


…just a little something to think about!


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