St. John’s Bridge

If you live in Portland, you know it. If you live in North Portland you probably love it as one of the (only) beautiful things in this area. There are the iconic pictures framed and sold at almost every Saturday Market stand, and those pics we’ve all snapped with our camera phone, and the time we discovered the view beneath it where the supports arch to form a perfect frame around that one solitary tree that blooms bright chartreuse in the early summer…

the St. John’s Bridge

…In belated honor of St. Patrick’s day last weekend, here’s a fun fact:

On St. Patrick’s day in 1931, county officials announced that the bridge would be painted green!

It was originally built in response to the need for transportation–at the time the only option up north was a ferry that carried about 1,000 cars daily. In the 21st century, almost 24,000 cars are using the bridge daily.

Most impressive of all to us now: it was completed one million dollars under its budget. It’s been the site of one notorious murder, countless photo shoots, and a gateway to Forest Park.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that this is my favourite bridge in Portland.


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