Wanderlust Playlist

On my way back to CA from the far away world of the Southern United States, I found myself taking an extra hiatus in Atlanta. Missing my flight to LAX (and then Sacramento) by jus a few minutes, I was ushered into a line of very angry people in various states of distress. One Delta care package, 2 meal vouchers, and a shuttle ride later, I was in a much-too-big hotel room at the Quality Hotel with plenty of cable channels and a chicken caesar from Starbucks.

This propted the tweet:

Travel trials are a great reminder to #goWiththeFlow #ATL

It also led to a new playlist: Wanderlust

I can’t go too long without travelling…it drives me a little crazy, like a lingering lust that just settles in right beneath my skin until I hop on a plane, pack the car for a road trip, or even just walk on a new exploration.


Wanderlust Playlist

This playlist is a compilation of songs with steady beats, like the sound of a train on its tracks, going someplace new, or the walking pace of wandering a new city. It was perfect for my travels and has translated over to study time now that another Monday of classes is looming in the next 10 hours.

Bon Voyage!


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