Little bird tweeting

I’ve officially hopped on the bandwagon…or branch/wire/breeze…and started tweeting.

upside: quick news and you can pick what you follow

downside: back-and-forth twitter wars, pointless re-tweets, and people who feel the need to share everything with the world

Twitter seemed pointless to me for years, but I started an account last month partially as research for my communications classes and partially because I keep hearing about how people get the most up-to-date news that way. I’ve been converted. Following mainly local and national news sites, I get to see what’s happening right now, even if I can’t pick up the Times or the Oregonian (or get the Sacramento Bee for back home). Of course there are always classmates to follow, yoga groups, travelling bloggers and TV shows. I think it’s best to keep the number of people you’re “following” pretty small though, or else it’s this huge deluge of information that overwhelms you.

So…feel free to follow me now @enidrosalyn as I tweet away about life in Portland and the world-wide range of interests that come my way.


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