Warm Weekending

Portland Street Cat

It was a rare and lovely warm weekend here in the pacific NW, so I took full advantage of it with a friday evening women’s soccer game at UP, biking to Mississippi St. on Saturday, and enjoying busy downtown with my friend Margot from Seattle.


With fully loaded backpacks and a sweaty “glow” from the warm sun, my housemate Stasia and I took a little bike ride to the Mississippi area on Saturday afternoon. It’s a cool neighbourhood, stretching for about 10 blocks of great restaurants, live music venues, little shops, and lots of cute dogs. Like a mix of 23rd Ave and Alberta St, it has a little bit of everything, and was especially busy this weekend with MFNW (MusicFestNorthWest) going on.

A little impromptu headstand in a community construction centre on Mississippi St. Stasia and I explored the antiques and rows of old doors

Albina Press Coffeeshop, Albine St./Mississippi St.

I was lucky enough not to be drowning in homework, so my friend Katya’s saturday night party, teaching a successful Sunday morning yoga class, and spending time with Margot happily filled my time.


For my first time officially teaching at Yoga on Yamhill, I had a great time with the four people who showed up to an early Sunday morning class. One of them happened to be one of my teachers from the CorePower studio I practice at. And ironically, I ended up taking her class just hours later. It was odd to have our roles flip like that within one day!


Taco night and the movie Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang closed off a lovely weekend.

UP women's soccer team

…with one exception: the friday night soccer game. UP’s women’s team, normally jaw-droppingly, heart-poundingly, pilots pride all the way, amazing, seems to be struggling this year. Their last few games have seen ties or losses (dare I even say it!) and this weekend’s was not much better. But with 26 shots on goal, the first goal in the game, and playing hard through double-overtime, I still have to give it to them for playing very hard. In the crowd, where everything was purple (including people painted head to toe from the first “pride slide” of the year), fans went through an emotional roller coaster as our girls kept coming within inches of scoring. Let’s hope things pick up a bit…



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