Santosha Yoga Blog

As of a few days ago, my yoga blog project is officially live!

Santosha Yoga Blog:

‘santosha’ means contentment.

Santosha Yoga is a project created out of my love for yoga.It is dedicated to cultivating the joy of a yogic lifestyle and sharing that with others.

In the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, an ancient text that inspired the development of yoga, contentment is part of the 8 Limb Path. The second “niyama,” or personal observance, santosha describes the peace and joy that are a vital part of any yogi’s lifestyle.

From philosophy to food to yoga practice and life beyond the mat, Santosha Yoga is about enjoying the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits that yoga bestows. This blog includes information about yoga ‘asana‘ (postures) and the history behind them. You’ll also find healthy, fun recipes to try and shared stories from yogis around the world. Please use the Santosha Yoga community here to expand your knowledge and invigorate your practice.”

Here’s the idea:

MmmMondays–a recipe or foodie-inspired post on every Monday to start the week off with a scrumptious and healthy energy boost.

Inspire–Tuesdays and Thursdays are “inspiration days,” when I post aphoto and quote to ponder and enjoy.

Asana of the Month–At the beginning of each new month, I will highlight a specific yoga pose, including its history, variations, and “how to”s.

Yoga Study–Study posts are focused on the history, philosophy, or intellectual aspect of yoga.

and as the site continues I’m hoping the community who reads it will get involved, making it a little more dynamic. I’d love to do features and publish guest articles. (So, if you have any ideas or yoga-ish things to share, please let me know! It doesn’t even have to be about yoga specifically. A recipe you love to eat? A cool place to visit? A recent experience? Your philosophy/activities/inspiration?)

Thanks to everyone who supports me in my yoga, writing, and designing endeavors

Explore and enjoy!





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