Packed Lunch and Puddles. Back at UP!

pens and notebooks. check. packed lunch. check. school schedule. check.

double check.

photo from the bluff at UP (

…this monday I headed back to school for my junior year at the University of Portland. And what a first day it was!

Nothing says portland like biking in the rain to your first day of classes.

For the first few hours on campus, I found myself wandering among dazed and confused freshmen. I somehow got the classroom for my first course completely wrong, and with our online server down, I was left to meander around campus like a pilot without a port (excuse the bad, UP-themed metaphor).

Luckily, since then things have improved substantially.

After a severely stressed Monday that saw me contemplating major life changes and ending up right back where I started, my schedule gets easier as the week goes on. Every class, from Ancient Mediterranean History to Bio to Writing+Reporting, looks promising right now, and I love all my professors. (…we’ll see how I feel once the real assignments set in)

With London and an eventful summer in between me and my last days on campus, I honestly hardly felt like a student anymore before this week. Now it’s slowly sinking in again. It’s hard though, to force myself to relinquish the independent-living, yoga-instructing, publishing and blogging and traveling lifepath that I’ve been cruising down lately.

I’m excited for all the excitement of college life again though. Watching the sea of purple in the stands as our women’s soccer team won the game last friday, hanging out in The Beacon office for our weekly meetings, running in to old friends and getting my nose (no longer in a splint) back in the books, I feel my student identity settling back in.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Albert Einstein


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