End of Summer

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

My two weeks at home have flown by insanely fast! The first week was swallowed up by medical appointments and recovery, the second largely spent drowning in insurance paperwork. So, finally this weekend my mom and I have gotten some quality time together. Tonight is our big family dinner gathering, and a fun southwestern taco theme is on the menu!

As the indulgence of free time dwindles away, we’re all getting ready for school to start up again. The Honors freshmen at UP have moved in and all my college friends are scattering back to their prospective campuses. It’s exciting to look forward to all this year might bring.

My Life Right Now




Listening: Lou Reed. Walk on the Wild Side

Watching: One Day

Last night I went to see the new movie One Day with Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway. It was lovey-dovey, pretty, and a great girls night out movie. Even though Hathaway’s attempted British accent was inconsistent, I thought she and Sturgess acted very well; it seemed like we were really watching footage of two marvellous friends, very in love. Every scene in Paris had me oggling its style. I want to live in the apartment there, have a pixie cut, and wear Hathaway’s adorable a-line dress!

Doing: Pinterest

In case I haven’t tried to force this website on you yet, meet my new addiction: pinterest.com. It’s like a virtual cork-board, where you can collect and “pin” things from around the web to any of your themed boards. You can also see other people’s boards, perfect for sharing style inspiration, great ideas, and fabulous finds. Pin away! (or follow me here)

Exploring old family photos

Another great thing about being home is rediscovering the treasures that are hidden right under our noses at home. On this vacation I found some wonderful old family photos. In full bathing costume, corset, and hat, here are my great-grandmother and family at the beach.

Preparing to teach

As of this September I will officially be a yoga instructor, teaching Sunday morning classes from 8:30-9:30 at Yoga on Yamhill, a downtown Portland, donation-based studio.

What’s your end of summer story? Comment to share your adventures, discoveries, observations, anything.


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