Hippies and hair extensions in Berkeley, CA

“I survived only a year in Berkeley, partly because I declined to sign the anticommunist loyalty oath.” ~Jack Steinberger

One of many protests the UC Berkeley gates have hosted

Still sporting a big sunhat to shield my scars and the splint on my nose, I took a day trip to Berkeley with my friend Stasia and her younger sister. Just an hour or so away from Sacramento, Berkeley is one of my favourite places to visit. It’s full of eclectic shops and restaurants, lots of hippies and hydroponics, and the gorgeous and infamous UC Berkeley campus.

Stasia and I in a very Berkeley "Drug Zone"


We spent the day wandering along Telegraph Avenue. The street dead-ends right into UC Berkeley’s famous illuminated gates and is lined on a nice day with street vendors selling jewellery and hand-made crafts. After enjoying a great veggie wrap on the steps below the campus bell tower, we found an interesting vendor doing feather hair extensions.

feather hair extensions

This grey-bearded, hemp-clad elderly man happily added cute feathers to our hair and really made our day! This type of experience is just typical Berkeley happy-go-lucky hippie-ness.


The day was only made better by a gorgeous california evening, walking our little dog with my mom, and my favourite Food Network shows. Too much FoodNetwork gives me too many ideas at once though, so I attempted some sort of dinner invention: open-faced baked tofu sandwich and a yummy salad. The interesting part came in the bread, which I satisfied my breakfast craving with by cutting a circle in and frying an egg inside. For such a random experiment it turned out surprisingly well.


Tofu to finish off a Berkely-themed day

A lovely California day with new explorations, great friends, and relaxing at home feels like such a treat. Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes as I heal!


<3,   E


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  1. I love Berkeley, one of my favorite U.S places to visit as well, my dad has family in Berkeley and my parents used to live there so I visit often. Looks like a lovely summer day, and am glad that you’re starting to feel better.

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