Words to Ponder

“Words, words, words.”

Hamlet (II,2.192)

The other day a friend sent me this picture, and I thought it was a wonderful enough thought to share. So often it seems that we “hurry up to finish,” or forget to enjoy what we’ve worked so hard to achieve, too focused on our next goal to experience the present joy. To me, this statement by the Dalai Lama is a call to appreciate all that we have been given and worked for. It’s not to say all reflection is negative or any goals detrimental; instead it is just a reminder to be present in your own life. After all, you get this one time to live, and no one else is going to live your life for you. Your time is so full of amazing moments, the good and the bad and the mundane in between, that it’s worth being present for. 

Here are a few more little messages that’ve caught my eye recently:

♣  Live and Enjoy !


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