My Last Thursday Mala Beads

Where during the week are the streets lined with artists, acrobats, dancers and drummers? Where can you find hand painted glass windows, kids’ lemonade stands, and zumba in the streets? Last Thursday on Alberta St., of course!


Monthly, this eclectic street is closed to car traffic from 6-10 pm. That is not to say the streets are empty. Instead, they’re barely negotiable, packed with all sorts of Portlanders who are eager to fast their eyes on the wild event. At any given time you are sure to be hearing at least three live performances. There are tacos served out of school busses, sporadic dance mobs, beautiful handcrafted gifts and arts, and plenty of good people watching.


This Thursday I plan to take in the event from a different perspective, as one of the many vendors lining the street. I’ve been beading away the past few days, making jewellery to sell at the fair. This was a last-minute sort of decision, when I found my monday and tuesday relatively free and realised that this is the week of Last Thursday. I thought it would be fun to try something new, and maybe even make some money out of one of my hobbies.

I’ll be selling a mix of beaded earrings, and these simple bracelets that I designed. Lately I’ve been inspired by the mala beads that a lot of yogis wear, long strands of 108 rounded beads with one tassel. They’re the Hindu equivalent of a rosary and are often made out of beautiful semi-precious stones or jade.


These bracelets are a simple, mala-inspired strand with a single charm. Some are wooden, some glass, some stone, with charms of little birds, ethnic beads, or polished stone.


If only there was enough time to really build up my stock of jewellery before the event. Still, I’m looking forward to it as a fun new experience, and crossing my fingers that the streetwalking shoppers at Last Thursday like my wares.


If you want a bracelet, leave me a comment! I’d be happy to make a specialised one just for you. ~ $8



    • I’d love to make you one! What color(s) would you like? I’ll post more pictures of the ones I have and if one doesn’t call your name, I’d be happy to make a unique “roya” bracelet just for you

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