Summertime: Exploring a New Design

Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.

This summer is full of new place and people, adventures and trials, learning experiences and fabulous fun times. If spring time brings regeneration, then I think summer must do it’s best to take full advantage of that newness–offering its long, free days as a time to explore and enjoy.


Part of my summer exploration is my internship: one day a week spent at the home office running Verse Chorus Press, a small publishing company that brings indie authors’ fictions and rock music anthologies to life. I also do things like copy-editing from home. Basically, I get to read a lot of imaginative new works, riffle through stacks of old band photos, and go to literary events (not to mention playing with the publisher’s two adorable dogs during break times). I also got some exciting, in a computer design nerd type of way, programs for my Macbook. So, I’ve been playing around with inDesign, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Hence the new header for this blog!


All in all, getting insight into what it’s like to run a small company and coordinate with authors/photographers/distributers is a great way to learn this summer. (We’ll ignore the fact that it’s still raining here, and call it summer anyway.) And hopefully it will lead to more designs for my blog and future pages on UP’s campus newspaper, The Beacon, when I start my work there this semester.


Enjoy your own summer explorations and all the new discoveries, however small, that they bring! 


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