Anything but Bored at Backspace

Saturday evening was a gorgeous Portland one, where all the characters enjoying the waterfront Blues festival milled about downtown in the warm sinking sun.

After teaching a yoga class at Yoga on Yamhill : ) I met my friend Sophia for a concert at Backspace. What is Backspace? Good question. Well it is a pretty popular Portland venue that hosts all sorts of events from poetry slams and concerts to art nights with live models. It’s also a coffee shop/bar/gallery/internet cafe/arcade with a pool table, computer repair room, photobooth, and random merchandise display case. But that description really doesn’t do justice to the place that seemed to have difficulty deciding on it’s purpose, so it just decided to throw at all together, and not with much aesthetic concern either.

The concert was a benefit for music in the schools and ranged for not-so-ambient electronic noise to Led Zeppelin covers and awkward teen boys on the banjo. The audience was just as mixed: lots of performer’s parents humming along with their camcorders, social hour people chatting over microbrews, hipsterlicious 20 somethings in tight cut off jeans and fake ray bans, and the people who just happened to be there to check their e-mails.

It was a study in contrasts, a big tossed salad of characters and styles with some oddities thrown in for good measure. That’s Portland though, and it’s a fun mix to find yourself in the midst of during a long summer evening on the holiday weekend.



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