Time Machine

Let’s take a little trip in a time machine; read all those blog posts that I didn’t get around to writing…in fast forward.

Here is the readers digest, picture book version of my adventures since I last posted:

I spent an April weekend in Dublin with friends...and Guinness!

For Easter, a group of friends and I took the overnight coach (a very interesting experience in itself) to Paris for the long weekend. I was worried Paris wouldn’t live up to my amazing memories of it…but it exceeded them. I love this city! And going to a sunrise Easter service on the bank of the Seine was definitely a high point.

Easter weekend in Paris was gorgeous!

My friend Megan and I in front of the famous glass pyramid

Back in London, the city was exploding with royal wedding excitement. Waking up around 5am, we staked out a great spot right in the centre of the action in Hyde Park (just minutes away from Buckingham Palace), where three huge screens broadcasted the BBC coverage and over 200,000 people were expected to celebrate!

A royal picnic in Hyde Park

I spent plenty more time in one of my favourite areas of London, the hipster-y, coffee and vintage shop-laden Brick Lane. (One day there was even a chance for some sporadic yoga in front of one of the many graffiti walls)

Brick Lane

In Brighton, on the southern coast, I enjoyed the street markets and alternative culture the UK’s gay capitol is famous for. And I finally got to see some real Bansky work.

Bansky in Brighton

The Brighton pier

Macbeth at the newly remodelled theatre in Stratford Upon Avon was one of my favourite productions of the semester. On this overnight trip with the school, we got to explore the quaint cobblestone streets, little river, and spooky graveyard of Shakespeare’s hometown.

Stratford Upon Avon

Then I said my goodbyes and moved out of London, just barely fitting everything into my luggage!

Before completely leaving Europe though, I went on an indescribable trip to Greece. One night in Athens and a different city every night on Crete and I am in love with Greece! The amazingly friendly people (we ended up sitting down for hour-d’ouvres and  shots with a white-haried scooter rental owner), beautiful sea and old cities, relaxed culture, and amazing Greek coffee (my new love) easily make Greece my favourite destination of this European semester.


Sunset on Crete's oldest lighthouse

Me and my new reptilian friend, Ian

With just a day to spare, we stopped off in Voringen (in Germany’s southwestern, Bavaria, region), the tiny German town where my dad grew up. It was amazing to walk up to my “Tante Rosi’s” house and see everyone gathered, laughing and playing in the orchard; almost all of my extended German family had made it there! And I got to see my Dad, Stepmom and siblings too, who were visiting all the way from Montana. My baby sister Yohannah surprises me every time I get to see her with how quickly she’s growing up!

Our cheerful family gathering in Bavaria

Back stateside, I had just enough time to pack myself up in Sacramento for the big move to Portland. Of course it was nowhere near as much time as I would’ve liked to have with my mom, my friends, and all my family there! It’s hard, this constantly saying hello and goodbye and see you next time. But, off to adventures, with these people and place I love always in my mind and heart!

Next was Seattle. If I didn’t love Portland so much this city would definitely tempt me:

The Seattle, WA skyline

And, finally… I’m back in Portland! Moved into my new home here, I’m loving the idea of getting to “settle down” a bit. For the first time since coming to university two years ago, I will be in one place for at least a whole year; in the past two years I’ve lived in a new place every semester! But that’s not to say that things are mundane. In a friend’s family the word “bored” was taboo, and there’s definitely no space for that B word in my life either.

I hope you won’t begrudge me this speedy journey through the past few months. For more of my photography and snapshots of my travels, please take a look at my flikr page–it’s pretty well stocked with gorgeous Greece and beyond.

(Leave me a comment with any questions/comments/curiosities/complaints, I’d love to hear from you too)

It’s good to be back!



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