Honey, I’m home!

Where did May and June go? Really, I somehow seem to have lost them into a blur of moving and packing. First there were my final trips for the London semester, which I am ashamed to say I completely dropped the ball on blogging about. I packed up my 4 months of living abroad (how did my things seem to multiply so much?!), took an idyllic trip to Greece on my way home, and eventually landed back stateside in sunny California. After only a week or so there it was off again: a weekend in Seattle and then moving in to my new home in Portland just in time to start the Teacher Training program at CorePower Yoga.

Deep breath.

While my life hasn’t exactly slowed down much, I’m settling in to a more permanent life back in Portland now. It’s a constant work in progress; evolving, changing, expanding, it seems to have a life of its own. Now I spend most of my time devoted to getting my certification to teach yoga, interning at a small publishing company, and working with a professor at my university on his research project. Besides working on the lovely little stacks of papers those jobs build up around me, I enjoy spending my time doing lots of yoga, exploring the randomness that Portland has to offer, cooking and baking and perusing the “vegan yum yum” app, and sewing a lot too!

So that’s the state of this little being known as Enid right now. And since I have (a bit) more time, and much easier access to the internet than I did in London, I think it’s time to re-start this blogging business!


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