At the Dragonfly Cafe

‘For what are we humans other than the machinery of love?
Like the forest that breaths in poison and out life; we too may devote our beings to this simple conversion;

Breathing in the rage of this world and these human animals and out grace.’

So reads the framed poem ‘Dedication’ on the wall at Dragonfly Cafe, one of my favourite Portland coffee shops. I’ve been enjoying their scrumptious vegan treats, espresso, velvet armchairs and perfect soundtrack while I work before/after/between yoga at the nearby CorePower studio.

This poem has drawn my attention since I first came here over a year ago. Every time, it reminds me of the beauty of our potential here. I love to think of everyone in the cafe, in Portland, everywhere, as a forest of human trees, simply breathing; selflessly converting our human energy into something a bit bigger than our individual branches; and maybe swaying, dancing a bit with the joy of our cause. Making humans “animals” and “machinery,” this brings us back to our foundations and depicts us as simple beings created to perform a task. Do you think it’s true: are we breathing machinery, gears of flesh and blood compacting worldly chaos into a more graceful form?

It’s happy spots like this–cozy chairs and crystal chandeliers and veggie wraps, bespectacled hipsters and elderlies alike nursing their mismatched mugs–that make me believe ‘Dedication’s’ vision.




See for yourself:


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