…of my last day in Fuerteventura.



I was sad to see my lovely island yoga time come to an end, to leave my retreat there, all my new friends, and the remote little village that made such a nice vacation home. Honestly, I was a bit worried about returning to city life. After just 5 days on the island, I felt as though I’d been relaxing there for months, completely set apart from any bustling crowds. What an amazing treat: to have that time to de-stress.

And practicing my yoga was great as well; the arm balances I’ve been working on have never feel so do-able! I even held a few for a moment or two, teetering with my legs in the air on the brink of that balance point where they’ll stay. In a special one-on-one class the teacher even helped me do a back-bending pose that brought my toes in front of my face (she got just as excited as I did, and asked, “have you been in the seerkoos (circus)?” in her thick German accent).

After a really special stay there I said goodbye to the quiet island life and HOLA to Barcelona!



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