Barcelona, Spain

Barca barca!


After an early morning departure from the lovely Villa Azul I made my way to something quite different: big city Barcelona.

Honestly, after four full days of relaxation, no crowds, no shoes, no stress, and lots of stretchy clothes, I was a little worried about my reentré into busy city life.  Barcelona though, is very relaxed, perfect for an afternoon of wandering with my camera.

After a very long walk with my very heavy bag (due to a confusions of “Catalonya” and “Catalena”), I was happy to leave the pack behind at Kabul hostel and go exploring. My hostel (2 free meals a day make me a happy hosteler) is in a cool square right off the biggest tourist street in the city. It’s perfect for a short trip here because it’s just a quick walk from everything. Theoretically, that is. In reality, the winding, alley-like streets will encapsulate you until you suddenly find yourself in one tucked away little plaza after another, stumbling upon countless churches and museums. For some reason, here you can be literally right next to something and not even notice until you turn a random corner and…voila!

In that way I stumbled upon Barcelona’s largest cathedral, the Picasso museum, the zoo and its huge gorgeous park, filled with people relaxing in the fading sunlight. The whole city, in fact, seems to be relaxing. While it’s streets look like a mix of Paris and Venice, this city is much more mellow. Maybe it’s all the warm sunshine.

I also stumbled upon my friends Megan and Josh from London, who flagged me down from their spot at a street side café. Star fruit and sangria with them nicely completed my traveling/walking day. Let’s see how long my little, red, 2.50 quid Primark ‘trainers’ can hold up on the Barcelona streets.

Tomorrow I’m planning on revisiting a few gorgeous parks and museums my big backpack prevented me from enjoying before. The beach also looks quite promising. And most exciting of all, I have planned out my own walking tour of the famous Gaudi architectural sights around the city. I just have one more full day to soak up as much Spanish sunshine as I can before heading back home to London!


One comment

  1. Ohhhh, this sounds wonderful and a nice transition from the Island before returning to London. Take lots of pictures . . .

    It’s very warm here today. Shorts n sandals warm! The Budsters isn’t a big fan of it : /

    Those big bubbles are beautiful–can’t imaging they are able to stay airborne tooo long though. Happy touring. Hope the shoes hold up!!!

    Love you, Mommy

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