The First Week; Thriving and Surviving

As of 11:30 this morning I officially made it through my first week at school here in London and now can enjoy the weekend here. It’s been the most amazing time so far, with so many stories that my fingers couldn’t possibly type them all out. To give a little snapshot into just a few things going on over here, here are some bits of an e-mail I sent out to a friend; they sum up some of my week. But believe me, there was so much in between too, like pants-less Londoners and countless cafes. More to come, I’m sure! I’m on the search for the perfect study cafe.




I had my first real class this morning, on Shakespeare with a very enthralling and dramatic actor for the teacher. The actor/teacher is a hoot; she just randomly breaks out in Shakespeare monologues and I love it. I’m really the most excited for my British novel class though. The teacher seems amazing and we get to read everything from Jane Eyre (over 100 pages read on the tube today) to really contemporary stuff. Shakespeare wass also my last for the week, so I actually have free time for a little bit now :) Of course, I also have 200 more pages to read this weekend, but I love reading as I ride the tube to and from my many London destinations.

Today we explored a new area and went out to a real tea house (silver trays and everything). I really like some of the new people I’m meeting here! I can’t wait to spend this whole semester with them right now. And it’s cool that we can all just crash and meet up at the centre if we’re there and we like to split off and explore too. They are exactly my type of people, and my housemate is wonderful. We have an amazing time looking for the really city culture and things with character.

We maybe got too much character last night. We explored a place called Brick Lane and found a great little place, decorated like Rimsky Corsacoffee’s (an outrageous, late-night Portland coffee and dessert spot with things hanging for the ceiling, moving tables, scrumptious orange cappuccinos and a bathroom decorated like the ocean floor) on vodka shots, playing MIA and MGMT, with a great middle eastern menu, a mean mojito and fittingly sketchy bathroom. Long story short, we trekked through Prakistan territory to get there, (accosted the entire way by waiters trying to get us into their restaurant), finally made it there and left at a reasonable time of around 10:30….My housemate and I got home at 4 am. That little detour involved missing the last train to our station, taking the night bus the wrong direction all the way back to central London…and then back again to our area, where it stops at the station a good 30-40 minute walk from our house. So, we ended up walking home at 3:30 am (and weird fact: I’ve only ever heard birds singing here during that godforsaken walk). We fell into bed and I managed to get up at 730 to get to class.

Tonight I got home much earlier :) (2100) and was able to relax at home. Suzy even did my nails for me! My classes are totally done for the week by 1130 on Thursday, so it gives me time to relax and recoup. Tomorrow we’re all going to yoga and then out to lunch, and Sophie and I want to go see the Sherlock Holmes house museum. Then, we’re all going clubbing at night and out to Camden market on Saturday. And guess what?! I’m going to volunteer at my yoga studio here in return for free classes :) 1 hour volunteering = 2 free classes. Sunday is my first time volunteering, and then at night I’ll have my second acro yoga class.



With all my love, e



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