The Beginning of Something Good

London, day 1:

Tube adventures, yoga, blatant tourist trip to the London eye, photographing, exploring, acro yoga!! Best day ever? Possibly.

I’ve had a lovely day exploring the city, enjoying my completely free day before orientation starts tomorrow morning (we’ll be leaving bright and early to get to the University of Oregon centre in downtown Bloomsbury, downtown London by 10. I walked all around the neighbourhood and checked out the centre today after taking pictures at the London eye, checking out the theatre, walking along the Thames and through Kings College and of course getting lost countless times before my Pret A Manger lunch. Things were pretty quiet today because it was Sunday, but there were still tons of tourists, many hipster-status with their big cameras, flocking to the riverbanks).

I already love it here and feel at home in London! The people are really friendly and approachable; I already have friends who have been so helpful and welcoming. My host mom, who is a manicurist and bombshell that moved to London to follow the Rolling Stones in the 60s, is sweet and an amazing chef; she cooks beautiful 100% homemade from scratch meals, including things like dolmas (those Greek stuffed grape leaves) with grape leaves from her own garden. I can’t wait to pick up some cooking tips!

Acro yoga is really the neatest thing I’ve come across in a long time! I stumbled upon a flyer for it today and decided to take the (long) tube ride to check it out. Wow! It’s all the neatest yoga tricks (lots of “flying” and handstands) plus partner work plus gymnastics, and it’s a great group of people as well. There’s a class every Sunday and I think that might be my weekly treat/new addiction.

There’s too much news to even write down and I’m sure they is only more to come. I am thinking of everyone at home as I start off on this new adventure and sending lots of love to me friends and family all over the world.

London, here we go!


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