The ABC(DE)s of London

A is for AHA...

Now that this week is over I’ve had all my classes, so I guess school has officially begun. It doesn’t really feel like school though. There’s lots and lots of reading to be done and papers to write and intellectual discussions to be had, but the professors are all so animated and interesting, the class atmosphere relaxed, that It’s actually quite fun to go into the centre to see everyone and discuss Shakespeare or Jane Eyre.

This week some AHA excursions included a play on the ritzy South Bank (think London Eye) where the lead was played by none other than Tom Hollander, who played the cringe-worthy Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice and a similar role in Pirates of the Caribbean. The next day took us to the National Museum, a completely free and overwhelmingly large museum right by the centre that is worth at least a few trips back, and then tiny pub theatre in Greenwich by night.

…and also Angel

Angel (or Islington) is one of my new favourite areas of London, filled with bakeries and second hand stores, posh interior design shops, gift and stationary boutiques and a daily street market too.

B is for Bronte

In honor of my finishing all 545 pages of Jane Eyre, here is a quote form the author:


“Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.”

~Charlotte Bronte


It’s one of the lovely nuances of life, though, that the event can, and often will, actually exceed the expectation. It’s been my luck to find London that way so far!


C is for Cafes

It’s been my mission in life since touchdown in London to find my perfect little coffeeshop where I can enjoy a good drink, cozy atmosphere, and hopefully get some reading done.

I’m proud to say that the mission is going well (although with the size of London and my affinity for exploring every appealing cafe I pass by, this may very well be the never-ending mission). Around the centre a few places have caught my eye and won me over with free wifi/fruit and comfy couches. Still, the search will go on.

D is for Dubstep

As in that’s all they listen to in the clubs here.

For those who don’t know, dubstep is like the base-infused cousin to techno or trance. Urbandictionary defines it as music centred around bass and also: “audio thunder.1) I was listening to dubstep and I could feel my brain moving in my skull.”

We went out to a downtown club last night and it’s a lot more practical and economical just to stay until it closes at 6 am and take the tube back home, so that’s what we did. It was a great time, and it’s definitely nice to still have the whole weekend left to recover from an 8:30 am bedtime.

E is for Edinburgh

We’re going next week! The school trip starts on Wednesday, and then some friends and I are spending an extra night in York on the way home. We can’t wait : )




❤ E



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