A Spell in Scotland

Edinburgh, built on ancient Scottish volcanos bordering the sea, is magical! Everything about the city sparkles with a kind of energy; eccentric yet exuding tradition, it’s quirky and welcoming and beautiful all in one instant.

Our two day trip there was packed full with lectures and live debates in the Scottish Parliament, lots of ancient sites, museums with everything from original Vermeers to turn of the century dental equipment, and lots and lots and lots of walking (on treacherous cobblestone streets too). The university of Edinburgh there and the comfy coffeeshop across the street stole my heart, as did the ancient craggy cliffs and peculiar accents surrounding and permeating the city.

And for any of the truly Harry Potter obsessed, there is much more of J.K.Rowling’s magical influence to be seen in Scotland (and in York for that matter) than there is even in Kings Cross. We visited the Elephant House cafe, which falsely claims to be the birthplace of the boy who lived. In fact, Harry was born in a smaller cafe a few blocks away which has since been transformed into a rather sketchy looking chinese take-away restaurant.

Some of my new friends and me outside the Elephant House Cafe (not really HP’s birthplace, but they brew an awesome java coffee)

All in all, the trip to Edinburgh just felt too short. The more that I explore Europe (and live here too; my school life in London is getting into its routine and I love it as much as ever), the more I feel like it was meant for me and I for it. We just fit together : )

Luckily, it looks like I’ll be seeing even more of it before too long at all. Tomorrow I’m taking a day trip to see the famous sites at Bath and then Stonehenge. The weekend following our midterm break, in early April, is all booked for Dublin. And guess where I’ll be spending Easter? Paris!

With another week behind me and the weekend looming gloriously ahead, I can’t believe that I’ve already been living in London for a month now. I have two more to see just how many more amazing yoga classes, crazy tube rides, weekend adventures, and illuminated cultural experiences I can fit into my semester abroad.

All my love, E



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