Modern Betty is Born

“Every morning before breakfast, comb hair, apply makeup, a dash of cologne, and perhaps some simple earrings. Does wonders for your morale.”


~Betty Crocker (1950, my grandmother’s first edition

cookbook in our kitchen)~



...Maybe you remember a few posts back when we though up the idea of “Modern Betty’ while chatting around the kitchen table in Chicago.


Around Christmas time (inspired by my Christmas Eve cooking-induced collapse on the kitchen floor, which Betty Crocker surprisingly supports:


although let me assure you that my version was much longer, more violent and profanity-prone than Betty advises.) my mom decided to look into the background of Betty Crocker. With the help of our research bff, Google, she was surprised/crushed to discover that Betty Crocker was an invented personality who never actually existed.

So we decided on the idea of Modern Betty.

She’s Betty Crocker for a new generation–one that’s likely to use Blackberries for Google-ing conversions instead of putting in pies or find its recipes with an app on the iPad. Modern Betty can balance these ideas and more in the classiest way, and is exceptionally eco-conscious, active, stylish, intelligent, and groundbreaking.


Modern Betty is still a work in progress…let’s see how she grows.


Some very Modern Betty – ish links:


Cafe Gratitude

(A handful of vegan restaurants in the bay area with a great philosophy, even better food, and an amazing atmosphere/cookbooks/store)


The texting oven

(Some very techie people get together to present some new gadgets: “Among the ideas: an oven that can text you when the turkey is done cooking.”)


CSA boxes

(A big box of fresh, locally-grown produce delivered straight to your door. Efficient and environmentally friendly)



(Because Modern B likes to be cute, artsy, stylish while she cooks)


Anything Michael Pollan


(He’s basically the king of modern food philosophy, like don’t eat anything your grandmother [or Betty Crocker] wouldn’t recognize as food)


Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer

(and if you haven’t read his other things, shame on you)



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