Love, from Berlin

Enid Rosalyn Spitz




Berlin, Germany


= love

I might just stay here! I made it safe here to my cousin Cornelia’s flat in Berlin and am now exhausted (in the best possible way) from exploring the city all day. Cornelia is a wonderful friend, and after a nice breakfast I was off to experienceBerlin, cold weather and all.



The majority of the day I spent on an island of museums located near the city centre. All the buildings there are beautiful and old; there are many museums(maybe a trip tomorrow?), the famous dome cathedral, a university and lots of interesting people!



I also wandered around, literally, in circles for the better part of an hour taking in the city and trying to find this yoga studio (see my other post; it totally paid off). Of course, I ended up right where I started, just to find that the studio was in front of nose.



Lots of pictures, a new accordian-playing gypsy friend, a few frozen phalanges, and a train ride later and I met up with Cornelia for a nice seafood dinner after her long day of studying.



Needless to day, I’m thoroughly enjoying being collapsed on my cozy bed here for a little bit of blogging and Absalom, Absalom (a really amazing book, by the way. If I wasn’t busy in Berlin I wouldn’t put it down).



Berlin, day 2, tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s as good as today. My cousin Berni is coming to visit and enjoy the city with me, and I haven’t seen him in years!



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