International Yoga Diaries

In the past two days I’ve been lucky enough to find two amazingyoga classes, spanning 4 languages and 2 countries.

In Brussels it made my day to discover the building where a nice woman hosts twice weekly yoga classes and the area that it’s in.I only wish I’d found that neighbourhood sooner. It was a surprisingly large class, and because of how diverse Belgium is (mostly French in Brussels but dominated by a huge Flemish population too) she taught the entire class switching between Flemish, French, German, and English.

Todays class in the centre of Berlin (an absolutely gorgeous space tucked away off a big street with bead shops and boutiquesand Hermes) was entirely in German.

It turns out that Ohm and all the yoga that goes along with it really is the same in every language! I’ve actually relished having these experiences in another language, it makes things I’ve done a million times before brand new, and provides a unique type of soundtrack to a regular part of my life.



ps. random fact: when you good "ohm" in Germany you get lots of hits on the physicist Georg Ohm.



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