Home again…

Honey, I’m hooome…


I flew from rainy and beautiful PDX right back into the sunny blue skies of Sacramento this afternoon. Now the real countdown begins:

9 Days until London! I just have a few last minute things left to get together.


My four day trip to Portland was as amazing as it could possibly be: bus adventures, amazing cups of coffee (and my new discovery: Americanos with a shot of hazelnut/vanilla/peppermint syrup), my old yoga studio, Townshends tea (about 8 down, 80 something flavors to go), and spending time with my favorite people : )



…And We even had time for new discoveries: check out Living Room Theaters. It’s right by Powell’s downtown and probably the swankiest, most comfortable theater I’ve found in Portland, with a full menu of food and funky films.



I finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck (finally!!) somewhere in between Chicago and Seattle. It’s a well-written books with an interesting storyline and some really intriguing characters. The whole novel follows the story of these two families, mainly one that’s quite muddled up in illness and good v. evil and prostitution and some very mushy lettuce, in the Salinas valley, right by where I live. Honestly though, I’m done with Steinbeck for quite a while now and had to force my self to finish that book.


Absalom, Absalom by Faulkner (Dr. Orr”s recommendation) is absolutely amazing so far though! It’s a rare book that’d I’d rather read on long plane rides than nap despite my sleep depravation.


So…here we are back in CA for just a few more days and then the European adventures will finally be on their way!



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