Chicago Day 2 of The Loop-de-Loop

They say that the best way to get to know a city is by getting lost in it. Chicago? Check.

I started by day off in the city with some of the hottest yoga ever, I swear the floors themselves were heated. It was a pleasant surprise, though, to find my yoga studio’s location in Chicago.

It’s a lovely city, filled with brick buildings, kind people, coffeeshops and shopping below the elevated subway trains that move on their stilted tracks all through the city. Things look different from up there though, explaining why I took a nice little trip around “the loop” of downtown train tracks, completely missing my stop and ending up in a mall that rivals the minotaur’s labyrinth.

After eventually meeting up with my mom and her friends who are hosting us here, we soaked up all the big consumer culture of Chicago’s main shopping area.

Tomorrow we’re going for the cultural stuff: a photography museum or two. Also, maybe it’s just ingrained in me from years of traveling Europe with my dad, but whenever I go anywhere I have this undeniable need to visit an old church to appreciate its architecture and pipe organ.

This is one of the photographers we’d like to see tomorrow, Vivian Maier. Apparently a man looking into the history of Chicago stumbled across her work in an abandoned storage unit he bought. It was a great discovery, now being displayed in Chicago and possibly traveling the world. She took pictures of everyday life on the streets of Chicago, making it extraordinary in black and white.

My mom’s friends who we are staying with outside of Chicago are absolutely amazing, so friendly and nice and hilarious. This was our idea last night: reinvent the old Betty Crocker with “Modern Betty,” a young modern woman who explores all the great new ways of cooking and living to share in an updated Betty Crocker-ish way.

We’re looking forward to even more fun and fanciful ideas in our next few days in the windy city (which is not, in fact, quite so windy as it is gorgeous and covered in a light dusting of snow).


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