Bonjour Brussels

Today ~ After the longest sleep I’ve had in months, possibly a year, I went intoBrussels on the train to explore the city. Without a map, I spent a good portion of my day wandering around and discovered the main square with its huge old government buildings, the narrow tourist streets where vendors bombard you with everything from photos to  falafel, a ginormous park filled with joggers and sculptors and what I’m sure are beautifully blooming rose bushes when the weather is nicer (it was -1 degree Celsius when I left home today).

After meeting up with my Uncle for lunch I found the shopping area, a long pedestrian street lined, non-stop, with tons of shops. h&m just might take over my life here. Luckily, I don’t have much (any) room in my suitcase, so that discouraged me from a true shopping frenzy.

Tomorrow ~ I’m looking forward to going into the city a bit earlier to a yogaplace that I found (keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a good class and I can manage yoga led in French/Dutch/whatever) and then flying to Berlin in the evening.


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