Enid Rosalyn Spitz, yoga instructor

I believe yoga is as much about the brain as the body. Here you’ll find my yoga playlists, class schedule, workshops and information on neuroscience + yoga.

Finding Your Edge: Ahimsa and Tapas

by Enid Spitz originally published by Street Yoga At Street Yoga we’ve been talking a lot about preventing injury and promoting self-care as we prepare to host the practice of 108 Sun Salutations in Seattle June 7th, 2014.  We want this challenging, sweat-filled, energizing morning to be every bit as safe as it is fun.  So we … Continue reading

Where There is Joy, There Can Be Growth

By Enid Spitz originally published by MeFitness Studios On the sidewalk, Bill is a graying man in dark jeans who stands about 5 foot 4. He looks mundane until yoga class begins, and then Bill is a master teacher; easily jumping (yes, jumping soundlessly) into headstands, hopping into crow pose and resting with a foot … Continue reading

Breathing Techniques to Help with Claustrophobia

Enid’s note: in 2015 I collaborated with the Center for Diagnostic Imaging to teach breathing techniques for patients undergoing MRI scans. I didn’t know then that my uncle would end up using this when he underwent MRI tests during cancer treatment. In the days before his death, I sat by his bed and simply breathed with … Continue reading

Get Lost: Mapping Your Yoga Practice

by Enid Spitz originally published in Elephant Journal We are all lost, and most of us too stubborn to ask for directions. Living in Europe a few years ago, I resolved to explore my practice by visiting a studio in every new city I visited. Without the tech comfort of wifi and GPS, I would draw myself … Continue reading

Seattle Yoga News Interviewed me for a Teacher Spotlight

Seattle Yoga News Yoga teacher spotlight: Enid R. Spitz By Simona Trakiyska Feb 28, 2015   Seattle Yoga News is on a mission to find and highlight all of the hidden, and maybe not so hidden, gems in the Seattle yoga community and beyond. We want you to learn about their experiences and perspectives, but also a bit … Continue reading

A Guide to the Types of Yoga in Portland

by Enid Spitz originally published in Willamette Week Kick Your Asana  How to spot it: You arrive in a lobby with all the charm of a Starbucks location and need a scan card to get into class. Two or three simple class types, like “slow” or “flow,” align with corporate schedules and soccer practices. In the … Continue reading