Enid Rosalyn Spitz: yoga instructor, Seattle WA


I believe yoga is as much about the brain as the body. Here you’ll find my yoga playlists, class schedule, workshops, and information on neuroscience + yoga.

60m Playlist: This Time For Real

This Time for Real 60m playlist on Spotify For the end of summer this power playlist has extra tech songs with Santigold, London Grammar and ODESZA (my newest, Seattle-born inspiration). I’m off to Pranafest and California until September – in the mean time, enjoy!


“If you understand real practice, then all activities can be zen. For example: archery. If you don’t understand how to practice archery in its true sense, then even though you practice very hard, what you acquire is just technique. It won’t help you through and through. Perhaps you can hit the mark without trying, but … Continue reading

Wanderlust: Yoga Retreat ’14/15

Yogis and friends,  I am so excited to announce that I’m planning my 2014/2015 retreat!!   It will include yoga, adventures, scrumptious food, an inspiring location and extra treats like a travel gift bag and 30m “amp up”/”bliss out” sessions. There are options for travel dates and locations, including:          Tulum, Mexico…eco … Continue reading

Introduction to Vinyasa

Vinyasa: “to place in a special way, with intention.” Learn or re-learn the building blocks of a powerful Vinyasa practice at my first summer workshop. We’ll explore the breath, background and anatomy of sun salutations…and beyond. In this setting I especially encourage students to bring their questions, concerns and curiosities!   When: June 14th 2-3:30p … Continue reading

Chandra Namaskar; Moon Salutations

There are 5am Ashtanga yogis, noontime lunch-breakers, moonlit practitioners and everything in between. Just as no two yogis are identical, every time of day inspires a different type of practice. I love my sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) to build heat, energy and movement, but even while maintaining the powerful Vinyasa practice, there’s space to balance … Continue reading

60m Playlist: Inhabitation

The intention: inhabitation. One of my early teachers joked that yoga is really just making shapes with your body in space; it was only half-joking really. But rather than just making shapes, sometimes the real challenge is in staying present in those shapes in space. This idea inspired my intention for classes recently: what would … Continue reading

4 Brain Facts for a Stronger Yoga Practice

4 Brain Facts …and why they matter on your mat “brain jelly” Sarah Schlesinger 1. Your mind likes new things The brain is naturally drawn to novelty. We comprehend everything from music to other people and daily interactions in terms of contrast. The new and different automatically draw our attention, whether or not we eventually … Continue reading